Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear friends while my body is in Norway, and my hands are working on my PC here in Trondheim, but my soul and mind is at my country and the ones I love, who suffer because they do not know what the next day will bring.

With my godmother at Donousa, archaeological expedition 2007
I though to let you know because yes you can help just by knowing.

My mother and godmother who have been working hard since they were young girls, my mother coming from a very poor family had education enough after graduating high school, to get a job.Not everybody had that and she started to work when she was 19 at the Cyclades Archaeological Service as a secretary and later as an accountant. She worked hard to provide to her children always her children and the family, her concern was us, our education and to be able to get a life with quality  She gets a pension of 600(if) Euros to live with now.

My godmother 85 years old after a career as the Cyclades Director of Antiquities, during 35 years, never touched a penny of all the budgets she handled, she knew every face working in the Archaeological Museums of the 30 islands she would have to inspect, she knew the people their family stories, the history of the Aegean. She has been threatened many times by a political engineer with plans of development or entrepreneurs she would stop from building up the islands. Her husband director of antiquities too before they got married had managed to organize 13 Museums on the islands with no means at all. He managed also to put the Cycladic architecture under a protection law, so that tourism would not destroy it. These picturesque cities that magnetize tourists today with their white beauty next to the blue sea, would have all built up if that protection law was not passed, They would look like the stripes of hotel complexes standing empty today at the Coast of Spain.

Both gave as much as they could to their work..even after their retirement at 65 they worked and enjoyed life. My godmother is alone today and she is struggling to survive. Just because she is so clear in her head and still working and writing she is so never before, being a positive person by nature. Both women live alone and if they get sick, there is no state system or social system to take care of them, the children take care of them if they will need care, it`s our duty. My god mother has no children so I am the one to follow and check whether she is fine often by the phone and a couple of visits a year. Luckily she is so active and well that she does not need anything else. If by any bad luck would strike they might need to be sent to the hospital..well then  the family must pay..because who else would and you never know how much.
That is a negotiation to be taken between you and the doctor at its right time. If the doctor is a good person you might be able to use your state insurance for some of the expences but not all.

Both have paid taxes all their life, but the Greece they knew is not there any lest not in the big cities.

Golden Dawn and fear has taken over supported by the state and nourished by the state police. Golden Down uses violence, goes hunting for illegal refugees at the streets and parks, keeps them hostages, checks whether they have legal papers to sell in the street and punish the ones that don’t…bits up everyone that says or stands against them and they become stronger every day!

Politicians that have been in politics all these years using corruption to get there taking advantage of their positions for every little bribe there could be, are still there they do not seem to care or to be affected by any of it!. Yes the people have voted them yes it is unfortunately true. One of the most free-speaking and free-thinking newspaper was shut down last year ..cause it had a debt to the bank..a guarantee that  all newspapers take as a downpayment in a way from banks. Political corruption led Greece to the crisis today, of course, with most people, accepting and applauding them for their own convenience.

But now the path to the future is dark!

Signatures of money transactions handled a couple of times back and forth have led to very big profits for the banks..I wonder how does this happen. I am afraid that everything is sold out..the country, the solar and aeolic energy, the petroleum, the archaeological sites. My friends and a political movement in Mykonos I was a member wanting sustainable development for their children and honesty, found out that the public port of the island was sold to a private company altogether. The mayor and his companions used blackmailing in their last election campaign to get the votes they needed, because they were at risk to face charges for a scandal of withdrawing money from the communal incomes. After he was reelected..the scandal seems to be forgotten. The types of scandals come out every day mayors and local politicians accused of treachery, some are actually convicted too but nobody knows whether they have to go to jail.

Recently a law was passed on by the Greek government that abolishes a whole vocational group, a vocational training school and a whole branch connected to Tourism, my colleagues in many years, archaeological guides  will be erased as profession. I stand by them. They are trying to resist. But is like crying for water in the dessert. Now anybody without any particular education just working with Tourism and following tourists to Greece can work as a guide. There will be nothing left..the big sharks have bought everything, Its all sad, the day a big German enterprise will stand in front of Olympia and collect money..we will know that the next plan will be, shut up and be a slave in your own country! They keep down people y fear. The golden Dawn is growing with the support of many policemen and the official state, use violence and chemicals and uses fear cultivated by Golden Down to keep people inside. On the National day the 28th they decided to close the roads for the people and the military hold loaded guns pointed to anybody approaching. People were not allowed in the church where the parliament members would attend..because of security. Schools made children sign a statement that if they would participate at the National parade they would not mock the official exedra...BECAUSE otherwise they would be punished with lower grades.

The former minister of economics claims that he had the list with all the politicians that had moved billions of Euros abroad in Swiss banks and other European ones but... he lost it! Just like that..he just lost it and he actually stands in the parliament in front of everybody and claims that this is the truth. The police arrested instead the journalist that found the list and published it..with no numbers attached to it. Luckily the journalist was released a couple of days ago. Papandreou has become Harvard professor with double salary and is touring the world giving talks about the challenges of the world economy and the case of Greece. EU will receive the Nobel price for the peace work they have done in Europe, keeping the banks united and satisfied.

Just thought to let all my friends know. Because what I am afraid of is ..another war..another dictatorship. The intellectuals keep saying, there must be blood shedding for the revolution to start.

My idea is to at least let my friends know..because the media always let you know the details of the truth. The same way that the Syrians are slaughtered by both sides, and Europe is keeping quite..the same way..the refugee wave grows...I want to let you know that we are all part of the same reality...but in different..captions! I am afraid and wanted to share that with you!

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